Wednesday, February 4, 2009

USCIS issues new fact sheet on military naturalization

The USCIS has issued a new fact sheet on the special rules that apply to naturalization for military personnel. A member of the U.S. armed forces must meet some of the general requirements for naturalization, such as good moral character, whereas some other requirements are reduced or waived. Filing fees and biometrics are completely waived as are the residence and physical presence requirements.

A military person can apply for naturalization if he or she has:
  • Served honorably in the military for at least one year;
  • Obtained lawful permanent resident status;
  • Filed an application while still in the service or within six months of separation.

A person can apply for "wartime naturalization" even if not a permanent resident if he or she has:

  • Served honorably in active-duty status for any period of time; and
  • Such active-duty service was during a specifically designated period of hostility.
For more details about naturalization for military personnel, see here.