Friday, June 12, 2009

H-1B cap count updated - number reduced

USCIS has updated the H-1B cap count, and now says it has 1,300 fewer cases than last time. It now has 44,400 cases against the regular (non-Master's) H-1B cap, compared with 47,500 on May 29. We wonder if this means that 1,300 cases have been denied or withdrawn, or if CIS discovered duplicate filings that it rejected. For more information, see the previous blog post here and here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DHS Establishes Interim Relief for Widows of U.S. Citizens

I recently blogged about a court case which held that a woman from Cambodia could continue with her permanent residence (green card) application although her US citizen husband had died before the paperwork was processed. US immigration service argued that the woman no longer qualified as a "spouse" since her husband had died before the case was approved.

Yesterday, U.S. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano granted deferred action for two years to widows and widowers of U.S. citizens and children under 18 years old, who live in the US and who were married for less than two years before their spouse’s death.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is to suspend adjudication of visa petitions and adjustment applications filed for widow(er)s where the sole reason for reassessment of immigration status was the death of a U.S. citizen spouse prior to the second anniversary of the marriage.

DHS Establishes Interim Relief for Widows of U.S. Citizens

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Visa Bulletin for July 2009 released

The US Department of State has released the new Visa Bulletin for June 2009. In family-based categories, there is very slight movement forward, but just by a few weeks in most categories. Some categories do not advance at all. Mexico FB-1 has retrogressed by 22 months. and FB-3 by 16 months.

Employment-based categories have not changed for 1st preference applicants, and the entire 3rd preference and Other Workers category remains "Unavailable", like it was in May and June. The biggest change is that the priority date for China EB-2 category has retrogressed from 2/15/05 in June to 1/1/00 in July. Sadly, this is similar to what happened with India EB-2 last month.