Friday, November 28, 2008

Diversity lottery deadline for 2010 is near

The deadline for entering the 2010 diversity lottery for permanent residence (green card) is very close. All application must be submitted electronically by 12/1/08. As a "winner" of the lottery myself, 15 years ago, I encourage everyone who is eligible to apply as soon as possible. The odds may be long, but somebody has to win. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Travel Guidelines for Foreign Nationals

The USCIS Office of Community Relations issued a reminder that certain people must get Advance Parole before traveling outside the US for the holidays. Martin Immigration Law circulated a "Holiday 2008 Travel Guidelines" document to clients and friends a few weeks ago, and you can review this on our website. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have the correct documents to return to the US well before making any international travel plans.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anti-immigrant hate crimes are on the rise

Coincidentally, I came across 2 articles today that referred to the alarming growth of white supremacist and skinhead groups. These groups are increasing their verbal and physical attacks on minorities, including immigrants. In 2007, 68% of the hate crimes in Los Angeles County were related to race, ethnicity or national origin.
The first article was on NPR radio this evening. The segment discussed the increase in hate crimes, and then had a very disturbing discussion about skinheads recruiting in high schools. The groups actively recruit teenagers, especially through the use of music. They distribute "hate rock" with racist lyrics, that kids sometimes even use on their MySpace pages.
The other article that I read was on the Immigration Policy Institute blog: This posting includes a clip from a TV interview with a self-professed skinhead. He was trying to improve the image of skinheads (maybe start by not calling yourselves skinheads??) and promote the group as a benign, pro-White, advocacy group for "European-Americans." I'm a white European-American immigrant, but he sure doesn't speak for me.

Immigration groups support Napolitano as head of DHS

The American Immigration Law Foundation (a branch of the American Immigration Lawyers Association) and the Immigration Policy Center have applauded the nomination of Janet Napolitano as future head of the Department of Homeland Security. A joint statement says: “Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano is an outstanding choice to head the Department of Homeland Security. In choosing Napolitano, the incoming administration has tapped a leader with a deft combination of political saavy and policy know-how. As a border governor, Napolitano has been in the eye of the immigration storm and has shown that she understands that it is in our nation’s interest to not only secure our borders, but also to provide for a realistic and practical immigration system that is in tune with our country’s economic needs. Napolitano has been a leading voice for comprehensive immigration reform, including improved border security measures and a system to bring undocumented immigrants ‘out of the economic shadows.’ Her lifetime of public service is a testament to her incredible integrity, aptitude, and commitment to the American people.”