Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Consequences of layoffs on H-1B workers - Part 2

(continued from yesterday)

6. What happens to my green card process if I am laid off?

If you have reached the final step of the permanent residence process, and have filed your Adjustment of Status (AOS), you may be able to remain in the US while the AOS is pending. Just having the AOS filed does not, however, allow you to work in the US or return from international travel once your H-1B ends. You must have specific work authorization (an EAD) to allow you to work and Advance Parole to allow you return from overseas.

A foreign national is permitted change employers and keep the AOS filing if the AOS has been on file for 180 days or more, and the new occupation is in the “same or similar occupational classification” as the one that formed the basis of the permanent residence filing. This means that e H-1B worker who was a Software Engineer for Employer A and then got a job as a Software Engineer for Company B would qualify. However a Software Engineer who went to work as a French teacher could not use this “portability” provision.

If you have not reached the final step of the permanent residence process, unfortunately you cannot complete the existing permanent residence process.

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