Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stores pull "Illegal Alien" costume after protests

Various groups have protested the sale of Halloween costumes that depict "Illegal Aliens".  The costumes are bright orange jumpsuits, with the words "ILLEGAL ALIEN" stamped on the chest, a bug-eyed alien mask, and a fake "green card."  Not surprisingly (duh!), many advocate groups found the costumes very offensive.  

As of Saturday afternoon, Target had pulled the products, and said that the "Illegal Alien" costume was inadvertently uploaded to its web site due to a "data entry error."  A Google search for "illegal alien halloween costume" just now showed that Walgreens, Toys "R" Us, and other stores were selling the costume.  However, the links all seemed to be broken.

What do you think of the costume?


  1. That was a huge public relations error, wasn't it? Clever concept, but definitely in very poor taste, and never should have been produced.