Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Changes to E-Verify coming on June 13.

USCIS is rolling out changes to E-Verify, including a redesigned web page, on June 13. In the words of CIS
Big changes are coming to E-Verify in June that will enhance its usability, security, accuracy and efficiency. The newly redesigned E-Verify features a clean and modern design, easy and intuitive navigation, and clear and simple language. A new home page, a reimagined case alerts feature, improved case management and a streamlined tutorial are among the dozens of improvements coming to E-Verify.
Check out the new E-Verify Redesign section of the E-Verify website at www.uscis.gov/e-verify_redesign to learn more about what’s coming and how to prepare. The new section highlights several of the exciting new features and offers information on how to get a sneak preview in June before the site launches.
Although not clear from the CIS website, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) advises that employer MUST attend one of the free webinars before they can use E-Verify for new employees.

CIS feels that the new E-Verify has the following advantages:
  • Simplified case management.
  • Easier employment verification.
  • New case results and case alert (for cases needing attention) features.
  • Improved procedures for closing a case.
  • Ability to see the memorandum of Understanding (MOU) online.
  • Simplified terms.
For more information on E-Verify, see my prior blog postings here.


  1. Actually, employers are NOT required to attend the webinars. They are completely optional. However, employers must complete a tutorial upon logging in to E-Verify for the first time.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I thought AILA might be wrong.

  3. I have a 4yr Bachelors degree from a reputed US university and 11yrs of work experience. Only 1 of those years of experience was gained with a different employer (prior to joining my current employer). An EB3 labor and subsequent I-140 was filed under the Computer Specialist classification (ONET 15-1041.00). I now have the opportunity to move to the role of an IT group manager (ONET 11-3021.00) which requires Bachelors + 7yrs progressive wrk exp. While the position probably qualifies for EB2, do I qualify? In other words can i use/count the 10yrs progressive exp gained with the same employer?

  4. It depends on whether the duties of the 2 positions can be shown to be substantially different. Usually this means showing that the duties are 50% different.