Friday, March 13, 2009

Visa Bulletin for April 2009 released - significant retrogression

The US Department of State has released the Visa Bulletin for April 2009. In family-based categories there is very slight movement forward. In employment-based categories, however, the dates actually retrogress (move backwards) for some categories. In many cases, the retrogression is 2+ years, unfortunately. EB-3 for China retrogresses almost 8 months, EB-3 for Mexico retrogresses by nearly 6 months, EB-3 for Philippines and all other countries moves back by over 2 years.

The "other workers" categories also show retrogression in all categories: China by 20 months, India by 8 months, Mexico by 2 years, and Philippines and all other countries by over 2 years. Immigrant (permanent resident) visas for religious workers are "Unavailable" in April.

For an explanation of preference categories and priority dates, see here.

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